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Frequently Asked Questions About Kohima

What is the Best Time to Visit Kohima?

You can visit Kohima any time of the year. However, tourists form all over the world flock in to Kohima during the famous Hornbill festival, where people of Kohima showcase their culture and ethnic heritage. If you are interested in tribal cultures, you must witness the Hornbill festival in December.

What is Special About Kohima?

Kohima is worth visiting for the Hornbill festival which showcases cultures of different ethnic tribes of Nagaland.

What are the main Sightseeing Spots in Kohima?

The main sightseeing spots in and around Kohima are:
  • Kohima War Cemetery: Kohima War Cemetery is a memorial dedicated to the soldiers of Allied Forces of Second World War.
  • Kohima Cathedral Church: Kohima Cathedral Church, famous for its beautiful architecture, is the main church of this the bishop of the diocese of Kohima. It also houses one of the largest crosses in Asia.
  • Kisama Village: Kisama Village, also known as Naga Heritage Village, is the home of Hornbill Festival which is organized every year during the first ten days of December.
  • Dzukou Valley: Dzukou Valley is a beautiful valley near Kohima famous for its unique shape of repeating hills around the valley, and seasonal flowers that blossoms in the entire valley. It is worth noting that a significant potion of the valley is also shared by Manipur.
  • Khonama Village: Khonama is a beautiful village nearby Kohima, popular for its scenic beauty and the vast terrace agriculture landscapes.

How far is Kohima from Guwahati?

Kohima is nearly 400 kilometers away from Guwahati.

How do I reach Kohima?

You can reach Kohima by road after reaching Guwahati or Dimapur by airways or railways. Nearest airport and railway station is in Dimapur.

How many Days are Required for Sightseeing of Kohima?

To cover sightseeing of Kohima city, you will just need one complete day. However, if you're visiting Kohima during the Hornbill festival, you will need one or two extra nights. Also, if you want to cover the Dzukou valley, which is only accessible through trek, you will need one extra night.

How do I Plan a Trip to Kohima?

If you're planning a trip to Kohima during the Hornbill festival, it is advisable to plan and book the trip at least three months prior to the tour date, i.e. to visit Kohima during the first week of December, you will need to book the trip by end of August. However, if you're visiting Kohima at another time, you can book the trip one month before the journey date. To get some idea about the itineraries to plan your trip, do check out our tour packages available for Kohima

Is there snowfall in Kohima?

There have been reports of snowfall in certain remote parts of Kohima in 2019. However, there hasn't been any record of snowfall in about 40 years prior to this incident.

What Should I wear in Kohima?

Kohima is a hill station, and will require warm clothes if you're visiting in winter. We have prepared a dedicated webpage for your travel luggage checklist. Do check important things to carry on your tour to Northeast India.

Is permit required to visit Kohima?

Yes. Inner Line Permits (ILP) is necessary for your entry to Nagaland.

How do I get the permit (ILP) to visit Kohima?

Inner Line Permits (ILP) can be obtained by visiting the Nagaland tourism office or the Nagaland House in New Delhi or Kolkata or Guwahati. ILP is only required for traveling beyond Dimapur, and ILP is not required if you're traveling up to Dimapur. ILP can be obtained in the Deputy Commissioner's office in Dimapur.
Note that ILPs are included in our tour package cost.

When is Hornbill festival celebrated in Nagaland?

Hornbill festival in Nagaland is celebrated every year from 1st of December through 10th of December.

What are the main attraction of the Hornbill festival?

The Horbill festival showcases the arts and cultures of 14 different tribes of Nagaland. The primary events of the festival includes folk dances from different tribes, indigenous games, folk songs, showcase of ethnic cuisines, and adventure activities.

What is the hottest pepper in the world?

Naga Jolokia or Naga Chilli is the hottest pepper in the world. It cultivated in many states of north-eastern India including Assam and Nagaland.

Where is Dzukou Valley located?

Dzukou valley is nearly 25 kilometers away from the city of Kohima.

How do you get to Dzukou valley?

There are two primary routes visiting Dzukou valley through Kohima. You will have to go to Jakhama, or Vishema by road form Kohima, both of which are about 15 kilometers away from Kohima and lies on the way to Mao, Manipur. After reaching there you will need to hike a hill to the top through steps. After reaching the hilltop, you will need to trek though the hills to reach the guest house near the valley. The total trek dsitance to the guest house from the road is equivalent to nearly 12 to 15 kilometers of walking on a straight road.