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Frequently Asked Questions About Kaziranga

What is the Best Time to Visit Kaziranga?

Kaziranga National Park - the World Heritage Site is ideal to visit in between the month of November and April. Because of factors like summer heat, the monsoon rain and flood, and breeding season, the Government of Assam keeps the national park officially closed from May through October. However, there are exceptions in certain years depending on the weather and sometimes the park is opened one month early and/or closed one month late.

What is Special About Kaziranga?

The unique attraction of Kaziranga National Park is the one-horned rhinoceros (Rhinoceros Unicornis) which is found only in Kaziranga National Park. Apart from the one-horned rhino, Kaziranga is also home to numerous species including large mammals to migratory birds to beautiful orchids. On an average safari, there is a high possibility of witnessing one-horned rhinos, wild elephants, wild water buffaloes, wild hogs and boars, different species of deer, stags, different species of Himalayan birds etc. On a lucky day, you can even see a Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat.

What are the main Sightseeing Spots in Kaziranga?

The main sightseeing spots in and around Kaziranga are:
  • Kohora or Central Range: This range of the national park is famous for animals like rhinos, wild elephants, wild water buffalos, tigers, leopards, deers, stags, and birds
  • Bagori or Wester Range: This range of the national park is famous for animals like rhinos, wild elephants, wild water buffalos, tigers, leopards, and deers.
  • Agoratoli or Eastern Range: This range of the national park is famous for animals like rhinos, deers, wild water buffalos, migratory birds etc.
  • Burapahar Range: This range of the national park is famous for animals like rhinos, deers, and arboreal animals.
  • Kaziranga national orchid and biodiversity park: The kaziranga national orchid park, nearby the central range of Kaziranga national park, houses more than 100 species of orchids found in the the local area. It is also a popular spot to experience the local Assamese culture and cuisines. Cultural shows showcasing different tribes of Assam are organized everyday for the visiting tourists.
  • Karbi ethnic village model: This is a model village setup by the authority of Karbi-Anglong district to showcase the different styles of habitat found among the Karbi tribes of Assam.
  • Tea Gardens: The Assam tea, which is famous all over the world, is produced right here in these vast green tea gardens.
  • Kakochang Waterfalls: Situated near the Kakochang village, the Kakochang or Kaipho-Langsho waterfalls is a beautiful plunge waterfall situated around 35 kilometers away from the central range of Kaziranga national park.

How far is Kaziranga from Guwahati?

The central range of Kaziranga national park, in Kohora, is nearly 220 kilometers away from Guwahati.

How do I reach Kaziranga?

After reaching Guwahati or Jorhat by airways or railways, you can reach Kaziranga by road. Kaziranga (Kohora) is only about 100 kilometers from Jorhat, but the flights and trains are not very frequent in Jorhat in comparison to Guwahati. Moreover, Guwahati airport serves international flight whereas Jorhat airport don't.

How many Days are Required for Sightseeing of Kaziranga?

To cover all of the ranges in Kaziranga national park you will need 3 days of sightseeing. You can however cut short the sightseeing, and make it a weekend trip by going for just one jeep and one elephant safari which will require only one day.

How do I Plan a Trip to Kaziranga?

It is advisable that you plan your trip to Kaziranga at least two months before the journey date. Kaziranga has abundant hotels and accommodations, but since it is only open for six months, there is spike in number of tourists from all over the world in certain days. To get some idea about the itineraries to plan your trip, do check out our tour packages available for Kaziranga

What Should I wear in Kaziranga?

As Kaziranga national park is open during winter, you might need sweaters, jackets, and shoes in certain days. Apart from the winter accessories, you might also need dust mask and goggles if the weather is too dry. We have prepared a dedicated webpage for your travel luggage checklist. Do check important things to carry on your tour to Northeast India.

Is permit required to visit Kaziranga?

No. As of now, no permit is necessary to visit Assam.

Why is Kaziranga national park famous?

Kaziranga national park is famous for the one-horned rhinoceros. Rhino is an animal from the Jurassic era.

Is safari available in Kaziranga?

Yes, Kaziranga national park offers both Elephant safaris and Jeep safaris.

At what time the elephant safari starts in Kaziranga national park?

The elephant safari in Kaziranga starts at 5.30 AM. It is an hour long safari and there are two batches of elephant safaris everyday.

What are the charges for safaris in Kaziranga national park?

The cost safaris are different in different ranges. Please check Information on Entry Tickets and Activity Costs in Northeast India where you will find the entry fees for different ranges.

Where is Kakochang Waterfalls located?

Kakochang Waterfalls or Kaipholangsho Waterfalls is located around 15 kilometers south of Bokakhat town area. Bokakhat is nearly 20 kilometers east of central range of Kaziranga national park (Kohora).